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It’s Black Friday! Let’s Trample Someone!

Picture of a crowd of people. Caption "Wait... This isn't the line to Best Buy?"
Image by Alicia Rae licensed under Creative Commons

It’s weird.

Yesterday we were reflecting on all the things in our lives we’re thankful for. Today we’re body checking people in the Sam’s Club parking lot to get first dibs on the box of cheap wrapping paper.

Does that seem messed up to anyone besides me?

YESTERDAY: Oh! I’m just so thankful to have such a wonderful family, and this delicious meal! All we really need is each other! I just couldn’t be happier…


Don’t get me wrong… We do it too! This year we’re sending Miss. Cleo the Mind Reading Goose out to circle above our local Wal Mart. She’ll get some psychic readings on how many cheap blu-ray players they have in stock. We’ll use this intel to strategically align family manpower.

You’d think that she’d just do this to be nice, but no… She’s charging us $4.99 a minute.

The stupidest thing about Black Friday? We spend over a month getting ready for Christmas. Then it arrives. Everyone tears into their gifts. In 7.5 minutes it’s all over!

So what do we do? We turn on the TV or we head out to the movies.

Here’s a thought… Why not do something together as a family this year? You know… Where you interact! Instead of watching Harry Potter, why not create some memories of your own?

You can probably guess where this is going. Yes, we do occasionally work on Christmas day.

It’s not as crazy as you think! We do private parties all the time. Pretty much everything we do is interactive, which means your family becomes the stars of the show!

You’ve got 364 other days to watch TV. Why not let us help you make a unique family memory? Our shows are designed to appeal to wide age ranges. They’re perfect for your family celebration.

Anyway, good luck with your Black Friday endeavors. I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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