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Mansfield Ohio Magicians

Shizzle Dizzle Magic is Based Out of Mansfield Ohio

We get a lot of questions after our shows. How did you do that? How did you get started? Where are you from?

Our answer to the last question always takes people by surprise… Mansfield, Ohio!

“Seriously?” they ask with a quizzical look… “You’re from Mansfield?”

It’s not as crazy as you might think. Mansfield has a lot of advantages for us…

First, Mansfield is centrally located. If we lived in Columbus it would be difficult to serve Cleveland. If we were Cleveland natives, we couldn’t serve Columbus.

Our location in Mansfield allows us to bring our classy comedy magic to both those areas, plus a variety of other smaller cities and towns!

Second, it’s a really nice city. We have the historic Renaissance Theater, Mansfield Playhouse and more! It’s unusual for a town our size to have so much culture. We even have our own art museum!

Finally, the cost of doing business is fairly reasonable. We pride ourselves on offering a “Las Vegas Style Show at Wal Mart Prices”. Being based in Mansfield allows us to be one of the least expensive professional acts in the industry!

The irony is that we’re Mansfield’s best kept secret. The vast majority of our engagements come from surrounding cities.

Most of the locals here don’t even know we exist! When they see our show they’re shocked at our professionalism and polish!

Keep an eye on this blog. As we book local public performances we’ll announce them here.

If you do happen to be a Mansfield native and are looking for entertainment, contact us today! We’re able to discount local shows because of the reduced travel expenses!

You’ll get a great deal on a great show! We don’t do very many local engagements, but are always happy to do them when the opportunities arise!

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