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3 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Budding Magician

Christmas Presents
Image by vsmoothe licensed under Creative Commons

Christmas is coming! If someone on your “nice” list has a budding interest in magic, it can be hard to know what to get them!

How do you know what’s good and what isn’t? What’s appropriate for their skill level? What are you willing to tolerate being performed 23,217 times until they get it right?

We’re here to help. Although these Christmas gift ideas are certainly appropriate for kids, they’re just as suitable for adults!

Christmas Gift Idea #1 – Mark Wilson’s Complete Coure in Magic

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

[Christmas Gift Idea #2 – Magic: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay

Joshua Jay's Complete Course in Magic

[Amazon Link]

I recommend this equally with the Mark Wilson book. It’s not nearly as comprehensive as Mark Wilson. For sheer “bang for the buck” it doesn’t even come close.

It’s a billion times more user friendly though. Mark Wilson uses illustrations simply because it’s an older book. Joshua uses full color pictures.

There’s something about seeing a picture of a hand that’s easier to understand than seeing a drawing of a hand.

You won’t have as much material available, but what’s presented is a lot more accessible. Although I haven’t spent much time with Josh’s book (it’s very much aimed at beginners), I feel comfortable recommending it as one of my Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Gift Idea #3 – Svengali Deck

Svengali Deck

[Amazon Link]

These are better known as TV Magic Cards. When you first enter the world of magic it’s important to have positive reinforcement, fast. That means learning something simple that you’ll be able to entertain folks with in short order.

TV Magic Cards / Svengali Decks are fantastic at this. Unlike most magic, which takes years of practice, a Svengali Deck can be mastered in about ten minutes!

Include them along with one of the Christmas gift ideas above and you’ll have the perfect present!


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