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Columbus Ohio Magicians

Downtown Columbus, Ohio
Image by McSquishee licensed under Creative Commons.

Columbus, Ohio is an amazing city with a rich magical heritage! The great Howard Thurston was born there. Columbus also hosts an awesome magic convention. It’s a “must attend” even for hundreds of magicians all over ohio!

For us, Columbus is kind of like a second home. We know how to respond if someone screams “OH” in the middle of a crowd. We perform numerous engagements there every month!

The awesome thing about Columbus is its cultural diversity. Like many other businesses, we market test or products (ie: magic acts) before bringing them to the general public.

Columbus is a great place to do this because there’s so many people from different backgrounds. Many call it the most “American” city because of this!

When we were in the development stages of our “EGGstraordinary” Anti Bullying Magic Show, we market tested it in front of kids in Columbus. We wanted to see how they responded and made changes to the script based on their reactions.

Many Columbus businesses love our corporate event entertainment. The thing we frequently hear is that they love how VISUAL our show is.

A lot of corporate magicians show up with a suitcase that they perform out of. This makes travel easy, but nobody beyond the second row can see what’s happening! We want the people in the back row to have just as much fun as those in front.

The nice thing is that we can bring a high class act without the travel expenses of an entertainer based further away. We serve Ohio and all the surrounding states, so driving to Columbus is practically in our backyard!

Heck, we even do the occasional kid show.

If you’re looking for professional magic, please contact us. When you compare apples to apples you’ll find we’re one of the best values in professional entertainment!

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