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3 Reasons You’ll Love our School Show!

Our school assembly program has been a huge hit since we launched it last year! We’ve gotten so many positive responses. We are truly awestruck!

Here are three reasons you’ll absolutely love it!

1.) Anti Bullying Message

This is something we’re really passionate about. I was bullied a lot as a kid. We teach kids how to identify bullying behavior and give them the courage to report it.

Bullying is a topic I write about frequently on this blog. I won’t re-hash a lot of the material. Just click here to see all of our most recent posts about the topic.

Bullying is not a new problem, but it’s crucial that we confront it. The worst thing we can do is continue sweeping it under the rug. Our anti-bullying message is particularly effective when combined with other anti-bullying initiatives at your school.

2.) High Energy Fun!

After almost every show we hear customers tell us “Wow! You guys are really great! I can’t believe how high-energy you are!”

This is on purpose. Kids today have microscopic attention spans. Many of them suffer from ADD and other similar disorders. They have difficulties focusing and get bored easily.

We designed our show with this in mind. We keep the pace moving at breakneck speed and don’t allow the momentum to break for even a second.

Basically we keep control of the assembly by not giving them a chance to be disruptive. We engage their attention immediately at the top of the show and don’t let go until the show’s over!

3.) Clean Comedy for Kids

It’s scientifically proven that we learn better when we’re laughing and having fun. The kids will be laughing until their sides hurt! This gives us an opportunity to share our message without making them feel overwhelmed.

The star of the show is Gus the Rubber Chicken. Gus does some amazing magic stunts, but there’s also a lot of silliness along the way.

We really build Gus up. We want the kids to really love him. Eventually we reveal that he’s the victim of bullying.

This allows us to help kids inclined to bully understand the effect their actions have on others. It also gives us an opportunity to teach bully victims how to take a non-violent stand.

All the while nobody feels like they’re being “talked to” because everything stays upbeat and fun!

There’s More…

That’s only three reasons… There’s a lot more. I just wanted to end this post before it became a small novel!

Recently we were interviewed on TV about the show. Be sure to check it out and learn more at our anti bullying assembly page.

Image by Eddie-S licensed under Creative Commons.

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