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It’s Just a Router Issue!

Some of you may be aware that my background is actually in computer programming. These days I use those skills for Shizzle Dizzle Magic, but I don’t offer them professionally.

That has not stopped friends and family from believing that I’m their built-in 24 hour free of charge tech support line.

Believe me, some of these people are unbelieveable. I barely get one issue resolved before they are HARD AT WORK screwing something else up!

I finally started making it clear that I have other life responsibilities and simply can’t be on call 24/7 to fix computer issues.

Undeterred, they now just call my mother and plead their case. They convince her that the world is about to come crashing down around them if I don’t provide immediate assistance!

At that point it’s just easier to continue fixing their issues… Mom doesn’t lose arguments. In my 26 year of life I’ve never seen it happen.

So the other day she hands me her cell phone with one of these folks on the line and says “Mikey (not his real name) needs some computer help. It’s just a router issue!”

If you don’t have a technical background, I assure you those words sent CHILLS down my spine!

It’s not that it’s rocket science, it’s just that trying to explain what’s needed over the phone without seeing the screen is nearly impossible. I can’t do remote desktop because I’ll lose the connection when the router reboots.

Apparently the thing froze up on him. Instead of just rebooting it, he restored it back to the factory default settings.

Equally frustrating is that this guy suffers from severe ADD. I downloaded the manual for his router and would occasionally need to ask him to wait while I looked up a piece of information.

He could not wait. He would proceed to do 50 other things, undoing everything we’d just done. Each time this happened it set us back 20 minutes.

After spending TWO HOURS on the phone with this guy we got the router back up. At that point “Mikey” handed his phone to his girlfriend so she could get on the network…

Mikey’s Girl made me wish for “Mikey” back…

Me: Ok… What operating system are you using?

Mikey’s Girl: Uh…

Me: What comes up when you turn your computer on?

Mikey’s Girl: Microsoft…

Me: Ok, Windows… What version of Windows?

Mikey’s Girl: It’s a Dell…

Me: That doesn’t help me…

Mikey’s Girl: Well you’re supposed to be the expert! Why are you having so many problems?

Me: [Getting ready to hang up…]

Mikey (In the background): It’s Windows XP Matt…

Me: Ok, so do you see the wireless network icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen?

Mikey’s Girl: No, I don’t have ANYTHING like that!

Me: Do you see an antenna or some bars like you’d have on your cell phone?

Mikey’s Girl: Yeah…

Me: Ok, can you click on that?

Mikey’s Girl: Ok…

Me: Ok what came up?

Mikey’s Girl: It say’s “Mikey’s Network”

Me: Ok. Click on that.

Mikey’s Girl: Ok…

Me: Ok, what came up?

Mikey’s Girl: A window…

Me: What does the window say?

Mikey’s Girl: I don’t understand it…

Me: Just read it to me…

Mikey’s Girl: It says enter passphrase…

Me: Ok, type in [password].

Mikey’s Girl: On the keyboard?

Me: Yes… Use the keyboard.

Mikey’s Girl: Ok, now what?

Me: Click “Join Network”

Mikey’s Girl: Are you sure?

Me: Yes!

Mikey’s Girl: I accidentally clicked “cancel”…

You get the idea… This went on for another 30 MINUTES before I got her taken care of. I just barely got a “Thank You” before they jumped off the phone to start looking at YouTube videos…

This type of thing happens two or three times a week.

At this point you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Shizzle Dizzle Magic.

The thing that you have to understand is that the real problems here began before the router was even purchased.

Granted, I shouldn’t be taken for granted as 24 hour tech support, and Mikey’s girlfriend is a moron, but not everyone who struggles with their computer is an idiot.

The real problem lies with the companies who design these products in the first place.

An example of a company that gets this right is Apple. Their products are notorius for being user friendly. It’s not that they’re any less powerful than their competetors. It’s just that they design them more intelligently.

That my friends, is the point of the post. At Shizzle Dizzle Magic we design our shows more intelligently. We think through the billions of seemingly insignificant details so you don’t have to.

When the big day comes for your event, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Image by asurroca licensed under Creative Commons.

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