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Bullying Behavior Can Escalate

There’s a great article over at “The Pilot” about bullying. It’s definitely worth a quick read.

Although there’s not a lot of breaking information, it’s a good summary of the bully related issues I’ve been discussing on this blog.

There’s one excerpt in particular that I’d like to point out. This is about Dan, a freshman in high school that’s frequently bullied.

One day in October, some students began hitting him on the head with papers while working on a group project in class. The hitting soon became shoving between Dan and a boy, while another student began recording the incident on his cell phone.

The teacher involved in the incident did not intervene until the situation became physical.

“She said, ‘Well, you should have just ignored him,'” Dan says. “That’s all she told me – to ignore him and don’t let him push me like that. I told her, ‘I tried. I was seriously trying to keep him from doing it. He just kept on.'”

The teacher forced the other student to delete the video he recorded, and both Dan and his classmate received in-school suspension (ISS) for the fight.

This isn’t an uncommon experience for bully victims. In our anti-bullying school assembly we teach kids that the first thing they need to do is report bullying behavior to an adult.

One kid talked to me after the show and said “I’ve tried reporting it! I’ve tried and tried and tried! Nobody does anything about it!”

How do I respond to that?

Dan’s story isn’t unusual. I experienced similar issues myself.

Here we have a situation where the student does the right thing… He reports the bullying, but nothing happens.

Then the situation gets physical. What happens? Dan get suspended.

It’s not enough that he’s the victim of bullying, but he’s also punished because the situation spiraled out of control.

This is why it’s so important to have written anti-bullying policies in our schools. By creating consistant guidelines detailing how bullying behavior is to be handled, we can prevent escalation like this from happening.

Image by trix0r licensed under Creative Commons.

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