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How to Ruin a Corporate Event!

A while back I met an agent. The first thing he asked was if our act was clean. He was very concerned.

He once lost a major corporate client because of this after hiring a well known comedian.

I’m not dropping the name because I can’t verify the story personally. I believe it’s probably true, but I’d rather error on the side of caution.

My agent promised the client a clean act. Before booking, he reiterated this point to the performer several times.

The comedian started out clean. Then he started feeling his audience out. He dropped a blue punch line…

The audience responded positively.

He got a little more blue…

The audience responsded positively…

Before long he was letting the F-Bomb fly and using his raunchiest material.

The audience loved it.

The client however, was livid. He was promised a clean show and that’s not what he got.

That’s the thing many entertainers don’t get about the corporate environment. You have to work squeaky clean. This is one area you can’t compromise.

Yes, most of the audience probably watches HBO at home and it’s fine. It doesn’t matter. The corporate environment isn’t the place for that kind of humor.

As an employer it puts you in a bad spot. How can you expect associates to treat each other respectfully if the entertainment you provide sends a different message?

Most modern comedians don’t know how to be funny without vulgarity. This is an issue we’ve discussed numerous times.

Jerry Seinfeld was right. If something is truly funny, you don’t have to be vulgar to express it.

Vulgarity fits our act about as well as lipstick on an octopus. It doesn’t work. It’s not who we are. I mean… I perform with my mom!

That’s also why we’re perfect for your next corporate event. Our material almost writes itself. We can have the crowd rolling in the aisles without even getting close to the line.

It’s January, which is the month we book everything for the rest of the year. If you want to lock in a date for any time in 2011, you’re running out of time. Please contact us today!

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