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Types of Bullying: Introduction

Girl reading bullying pamphlet.

Today we’re going to start a new series on the various types of bullying.

Bullying is a huge topic. Let’s start with a definition. Here’s how the US Department of Health and Human Services defines bullying in their Stop Bullying Now project:

“Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself.”

That’s a really good definition, but what does it mean? How do bullies scare people? What tactics do they use? What does bullying behavior look like?

That’s the purpose of this series of blog posts. We’re going to put each bullying tactic under the microscope. We’re taking a journey to understand the science of intimidation.

Then, once we’re done, we’re going to learn how to take a stand. Once we understand how bullies hurt and scare other people, we’re better prepared to confront the problem in a positive way.

There’s two things you need to understand as we begin:

1.) Bullying isn’t just for schools. Many of the advanced psychological attacks we discuss are prevelant in the working world. Bullying doesn’t end after high school, it just gets more sophisticated.

2.) This will be quite an extensive journey. I expect this series to last at least a month. Please bookmark this post. Over time it will become an index for the entire series.

Thank you for reading. I’ve put a lot of work into this series of posts. I hope that they prove to be beneficial to you.

Image by Working Word licensed under Creative Commons

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