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Happy 100 Posts! – Here’s my 10 Favorites!

Picture of Candles With Number 100

Wow… Has this blog seriously had 100 posts already? Seriously? That’s unbelievable!

We have a lot to talk about here. Obviously we’re proud of our Anti Bullying School Assembly. We talk about that a lot, but we also are passionate about corporate entertainment and family entertainment.

That means the posts here cover a wide array of topics. If I had to pick 10 of my favorite posts, here’s what I’d recommend you read.

  1. Thoughts on Bullies – This is my personal story about being bullied through school, and why I’m so passionate about the topic now. This was an intensely personal post for me, but the response was phenomenal!
  2. Magic is Dead! Long Live Magic! – I get asked a lot about the Masked Magician and exposure in general in the magic community. Here are my thoughts.
  3. The Profanity issue – A common concern people have is whether or not we use blue material. Jerry Seinfeld addressed this nicely.
  4. Scientific Evidence of Brain Damage Caused by Bullying – One of the biggest pet peeves I have is people that believe bullying is a right of passage to growing up. This article challenges that perception on a scientific level.
  5. 9 Public Speaking Tips From a Professional Entertainer – Got a presentation coming up? This post will help you rock the house!
  6. 4 Ways We Appeal to People Who Hate Magic – A lot of people hate magic. We know that. What surprises us is when they come up to us after a show and tell us how much they enjoyed it!
  7. Birthday Party Planning eBook – Planning a birthday party? This comprehensive guide is for you!
  8. A Few Words on Pricing – There’s no pricing on this website. Why?
  9. How to Teach a Child Magic – Is your son or daughter interested in magic? Here’s the right way to get them started…
  10. Bullying Stories Pour In Daily – A lot of people share their stories of getting bullied with us. Here’s a few of them we’ve received!

Thanks for sticking around and reading. Let’s hope the next 100 posts are just as exciting! Our business keeps growing. It’s an amazing adventure and we’re glad you’re a part of it!

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