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Is Magic Just a Waste of Time?

Young Magician

Recently we met a young man who is very excited about magic. He’s anxious to learn more about the art! As I talked with him I was impressed at how much he had been able to learn independently.

After a few minutes I turned to his mother and said “Wow! It’s so nice that your son has taken such an interest in magic!”

She looked at me and said “For you maybe!”


Apparently she was less than thrilled with her son’s interest in the art of magic. It was a source of embarrassment to her. She wanted nothing more than for her son to “grow up” and “give up” his interest…

I’m 26 years old. I’ve yet to grow up, and I won’t give up until my last breath has passed and they’re doing a broken wand ceremony in my memory.

Frankly, I’d never heard anything like this before. I was truly shocked. So many parents struggle to get their kids interested in ANYTHING. This mother seemed to feel that her son was wasting his time.

Magic has given me more than
just about anything else in this world.

MAGIC… Taught me how to stand in front of people without feeling even a hint of apprehension. Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to anyone. Magic gave me that skill.

MAGIC… Prompted me to lose over 170lbs. As I got serious about performing I decided I wanted to look as good as the magic I was performing!

MAGIC… Built my self esteem when I was constantly beaten down in school due to my size, and even more so after I got out when I was beaten down for other reasons.

MAGIC… Taught me how to start a conversation with anyone. I used to be painfully shy. Now I can strike up a conversation with anyone, even if there’s not a magic trick in sight!

MAGIC… Taught me that with enough hard work, determination, and persistence you can accomplish anything. If I had a buck for every time someone told me I was going to fail, I’d make Donald Trump look like a bum!

MAGIC… Is now my livelihood and provides little luxuries in my life such as eating…

Bottom line: I may make jokes on stage about having no social life, but without magic I have no idea who I would be today.

If you’re child shows an interest in ANYTHING, even if it’s not magic, for the love of everything that’s good PLEASE support them. You have no idea where that path might lead.

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