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Easy Rising Card Trick – Learn Easy Magic Tricks Online!

Two cards are placed into the middle of the deck. By magic they rise to the top! Learn this easy card trick online today!

Video Transcript:

Hi! It’s Mystical Matthew here from ShizDiz!

I have two red cards, a King and a Queen. I’m going to take both cards and place them in the middle of the deck. All I have to do is snap my fingers and a MAGICAL MIRACLE happens! They rise right back up to the top.

This is a super simple magic trick. It’s great if you’re just getting started in magic, or just don’t have a much time to practice! We’re gonna learn it right now!

I love this trick because it looks like complicated slight of hand, but it’s just simple psychology.

Just go through the deck and pull out the two red kings and the two red queens. Take the four cards and place them on top of the deck in the following order.

First the Queen of Diamonds

Then the King of Hearts

Then the Queen of Hearts

Then the King of Diamonds

Now you’re ready to begin! Take two cards off the top of the deck and say “I have two red cards, a king and a queen!”

It’s very important that you don’t name the suit of the cards. Don’t say “I have the King of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts”. Just say “I have two red cards, and king and a queen”

Place the two cards in the middle of the deck…

Snap your fingers…

And then reveal the two cards on the top. If you didn’t point out the suites of the cards, nobody will notice that they’ve changed!

Just remember the key phrase “I have to red cards, a king and a queen”, and move quickly. You’ll seriously blow some minds!

Thanks so much for watching! I’m Mystical Matthew from Shizzle Dizzle Magic.


2 Responses to “Easy Rising Card Trick – Learn Easy Magic Tricks Online!”

  • The Magic Tricks Homepage on

    Hey Mystical Matthew, thanks for that cool video. I’ve only just discovered your site and it looks cool. There’s another variation on that trick which requires a little more practice but uses the same basic technique. I’ll share it now because I think your readers/viewers will be interested in it. I call it ‘The Magic Grab’. You prepare the deck with the King of Hearts at the top and the Queen of Diamonds at the bottom. Then you take the King of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts and put them together at the top. Now you’re set up to go. You show the top cards and say, “Here’s the top two cards, the King and Queen of Diamonds and Hearts.” You then ask a spectator to take the cards and put them randomly into the middle of the pack. Then you toss the pack casually back and forth a couple of times between your hands. Suddenly you make a grab at the pack, seeming to snatch two cards out of it. You show the cards and say, “Got’em! The King and Queen of Diamonds and Hearts. How’s about that?” All you do, of course, is snatch the top and bottom cards. I’ve done this a lot and never once has anyone noted that the cards are not the same ones. Hope you enjoy it, too! All the best.

  • Mystical Matthew on

    Hey, thanks for your comment! That’s a nice advanced variation of the trick!

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