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Press Release for Upcoming Video Shoot

Press Area 1 Sign, used in conjunction with Shizzle Dizzle Magic Press Release

The following press release was recently submitted to all local news outlets. It is included here for your perusal!

May 22 at 3pm – K.E. McCartney Building Downtown

Local mother and son family magic act Shizzle Dizzle Magic are inviting the public to attend a free magic show on May 22 at 3PM.

Mystical Matthew (Matthew Jones) and The Great Nancini (Nanci Jones) are the world’s only professional mother and son family magic act. Matthew is a fourth generation entertainer and Nanci is one of only 3% of the magicians in the world who is a lady!

“This is a great show for the whole family,” says Matthew “It appeals to kids, teens, parents, and grandparents! There’s something for everyone.”

The event will be held at the K.E. McCartney building in downtown Mansfield. Cameras will be there to capture the whole event so the duo can share it with others who are interested in their clean comedy magic!

Seating is limited, so it’s recommended that those interested in attending arrive early to secure a spot. The show will last approximately one hour.

Shizzle Dizzle Magic LLC is a Mansfield based company specializing in clean comedy entertainment for corporate meetings and upscale family events. They also travel to schools all over the Midwest to present their anti bullying school assemblies.


Image by Simone Ramella licensed under Creative Commons.

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