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The Magic Ice Cube Trick – Learn Easy Magic Tricks Online

Video Transcript:

Hi! It’s Mystical Matthew from ShizDiz! I’m back again today with another super simple trick that’s a lot of fun to perform!

So, I’m thirsty but I’m out of ice my refreshing beverage! So I’m going to take some water and pour it into my super awesome cup.

Now at this point most magicians would snap their fingers, grab a magic wand, or say some magic words. None of that’s cool enough for this trick though… Nah… If you wanna be cool, you gotta kick it old school!

I have to stop, because if this video gets any cooler, I’m gonna give you FROSTBITE! Word…

Anyway, I just turn over the cup and as if by MAGIC! We have ice! Check it out! Delicious!

Ok… I’m gonna teach you this unbelievable magic trick… RIGHT NOW!!!

I can’t teach you my cool dance moves because they would demolish the Internet with their awesomeness, but I can teach you the magic trick!

All you need is a coffee cup, a sponge, some ice cubes, some water, and a drinking glass. Stuff the sponge in the bottom of the cup, and then drop the ice cube on top. You’re ready to begin!

When you pour the water into the cup, the sponge soaks it up! Then just dump out the ice cube, pour yourself a class of water, and drop the ice cube in.

Best. Magic. Trick. Ever…

Now, like all magic it’s not the actual trick, but the subtleties that sell it! Here are a few points.

First, you can’t show the cup empty. When it’s time to dump out the ice, give the cup a little shake so the ice rattles against the side. This will help discourage people from thinking there’s anything else inside.

Second, get the coffee cup out of play as soon as you can. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s why you want to have a second cup ready in something like a briefcase or a trunk. Going down to pick up the other glass gives you an opportunity to put away the coffee cup. Nobody ever questions it.

That’s also why you use a pitcher instead of a water bottle. Nobody drinks from a pitcher. If you have a water bottle or another glass over here, people will question why you’re bringing out this one.

Finally, call both the coffee mug and the water glass cups. The nature of magic is that there will always be gaps in the logic of what’s happening. When people think about what you did, they’ll identify those gaps and start questioning them.

Our job as magicians is to fill those gaps. By calling both of these things cups, we’re intentionally confusing people a little bit. People only remember the last thing they saw; so about half the audience will think you used a clear drinking glass the whole time. The rest usually won’t think to question it.

An ounce of good psychology is better than a pound of sleight of hand mastery. Thanks so much for watching. I’m Mystical Matthew from Shizzle Dizzle Magic!

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