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iOS 5 Makes the iPad Even More Magical!

Normally I don’t post other magician’s work. It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching it. I’m just not sure this blog is the place for it. I do have a personal blog where I post random junk I find interesting. I try to limit stuff here to things that relate directly to ShizDiz.

This though, is awesome. I’m posting this video because it’s an example of everything that’s right about the art of magic. The actual sleight of hand isn’t rocket science for those who are “in the know”. It’s the presentation that really stands out!

This is done by Simon Pierro, one of the most successful magicians in Germany. Even if you understand every last “move” it doesn’t matter. The presentation is so entertaining you just stop caring about the “trick” of it all and just start enjoying the ride.

That’s What We Aim for in Every One of Our Shows.

Every magician goes through various phases of their development. In the beginning you obsess over the “cool moves” and “neat effects” you can do. Some people never get beyond this stage. It’s sad.

Then you move on to “showing off” phase. You start trying to impress other people with your newfound skills. You begin to discover that applause is more addictive than cocaine.

It’s at this point that you realize demonstrations of skill don’t automatically equate to audience appreciation. Nobody cares how many card flourishes you can do because after about three minutes they all look the same.

At this point one of three things happens:

  • Most people burn out and move on to another interest.
  • Of those that are left, the vast majority retreat to performing only for other like minded individuals who will appreciate their demonstrations of skill. (AKA: The magic community…)
  • A very select few go on to be something different. They learn to become entertainers.

Everyone in the magic community claims to be squarely in group number three. Very few of them actually are. Partially because it requires something you can never get from any sleight of hand mastery: talent.

Simon is one of the rare magical entertainers in group number three. I respect him greatly.

This video is only three and a half minutes. It’s definitely well worthy your time to watch.


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