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Kids Party Entertainers Top 3 Secrets

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A lot of people ask us why we still do kids parties. Our business has expanded into new territories and the profit margins are razor thin. Aren’t there better ways for us to be spending our time?

Partly, it’s because we like keeping our chops sharp. If you can keep a crowd of 50 kids engaged while they’re veins are pumping with birthday cake, Sweet Tarts and Red Bull, you can handle anything.

Beyond that we care about kids and the entertainment they’re getting. One of the goals of our company from day one has been to always set the bar higher. We want the rest of the industry scrambling to keep up with us.

Many parents looking for kids party entertainers just want the cheapest quote. That’s a mistake. This isn’t like buying deodorant at Wal-Mart. All things are not equal.

Here are the top three industry secrets you probably should know.

Most Kids Party Entertainers Aren’t Insured

You’re legally liable for whatever happens to the kids at your party. You know that right? There’s a million and one ways you could end up getting sued while these kids are in your care.

Keep that in mind next time you see a magician at a kids party light something on fire… Or shove a kids arm in a big chopping thing… Or swallow razor blades…

Heck, once the kids leave the party you’re still liable! What happens when little Johnny lobs his sister’s arm off because when the magician did it everything turned out cool?

Yeah… Not only is our show filled with kid appropriate material (No slicing, dicing, or flame broiling) but we’re fully covered by liability insurance.

Next time you get a cheap quote from a kids party entertainer, ask them to send over proof of insurance. See how they respond to that. The pennies you save today might cost you big bucks tomorrow…

Most Kids Party Entertainers Aren’t Professionals

Look… I know what just went through your head.

I don’t need a professional. I need someone who can get the job done cheap!

Good for you! You’re going to save a few bucks by hiring the kid down the street who knows a few card tricks! What a bargain!

… Except he showed up late as everyone was leaving …
… Or he didn’t show up at all …
… Or watching the drier spin is more entertaining than he is …

But hey! You saved $47. Good for you!

Look, I’m not trying to be harsh here. It’s just that most of the people in this industry are here for the money.

They have day jobs. If you’re dissatisfied it doesn’t affect them in the least. Who cares! It was just spending money anyway.

Professional kids party entertainers quickly starve to death if they rack up too many disappointed customers.

If your cheap-tastic part timer lets you down it has no real consequence to them.

If we let you down, I’m eating Ramen Noodles for dinner, and believe me… I hate Ramen Noodles.

Most Kids Party Entertainers
Have No Business Being at Your Kids Party.

Anyone who knows a couple card tricks thinks they’re a magician. Anyone with a bottle of face paint thinks they’re a clown.

People call us asking for clowns all the time. We turn them down. We’re not clowns. It’s not what we do.

Clowning is an art. When it’s done right it’s brilliant, funny, and engaging. When it’s done wrong, it’s freaking scary.

I once saw a clown at a corporate family day serving up carmel corn with his bare hands while licking his fingers and smoking a cigarette. “Hey kids! Want some popcorn?”

I once had the pleasure of hearing famed kid show entertainer Silly Billy lecture. One of the things he said was “If you’re not a kid show entertainer, don’t entertain kids!” This is so true. There’s so many people out there “entertaining” kids who shouldn’t be.

Final Thoughts…

I’m not writing this to convince you to partner with us. Most kids parties happen on weekends, and those days fill fast for us. We turn down around seven shows for every one we accept. We’ve got more business there than we can handle.

I wish we could perform for every party we’re called about, but it can’t happen. I’ve yet to figure out how to be two places at once.

I’m writing this because I want your kid’s party to be special. I want the standards for our industry as a whole to rise. Your kids deserve better than most of what’s out there, but there’s only one way to make things change.

Parents like you need to demand and expect more. That means there’s some things not worth paying for, no matter how cheap the price.

Image by freeflyer09 licensed under Creative Commons.

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