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Study Reports More Girls than Boys Cyberbullied

Girl on Computer

The study cited in this article is in regards to the UK, but I still feel the results are interesting anyway:

The study found that while 22% girls had been subjected to cyber-bullying, 13.5% boys said they had faced it, according to the report.

While both boys and girls are getting cyberbullied, I think that the 8.5% increase with girls is significant.

I would be curious to see the numbers for physical bullying. My hunch is that the numbers would be higher for boys than it is for girls, but I could be wrong.

Many times people don’t take types of bullying like exclusion and verbal abuse seriously. They say “just get over it” because it’s easier to brush off that way.

I found it interesting that this study found specific consequences to those who are bullied:

Over half, 52%, said their mental and emotional well-being had been affected by cyber-bullying; 29% of victims said their school attendance dropped, while 39% turned reclusive outside school.

Last but not least is the perception of those who are doing the bullying:

Many of the respondents in our study thought that cyber-bullies do not actually think they are bullying. In the main they thought that cyber-bullying was seen by bullies as merely a form of ‘harmless fun’, a joke and therefore not an issue.

This is a BIG DEAL. It’s hard to convey intonation via text over the internet. I believe wholeheartedly this happens a lot. People post things with no malice that come across as bullying.

The solution isn’t to expect kids to be ok with online bullying. It’s to teach them how easily things can be misinterpreted early on so they can think carefully about what they post!

The full article is interesting. Check it out [here].

Image by Ed Yourdon licensed under Creative Commons.
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