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Elementary School Assemblies Top 3 Opportunities

Kid wearing backpack giving two thumbs up!

Yesterday we discussed the top three challenges of bringing assemblies to elementary schools. Today we’re going the opposite direction and discussing the top three opportunities!

Elementary school assemblies are the most rewarding presentations we do. I love using my skills as an entertainer to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Here are my top three opportunities when presenting to young people.

Opportunity #1 – You’ve Got an Opportunity
To Make a Real Difference.

The older we get, the less likely we are to change. That’s just common sense. We get set in our ways, have a firm view of how the world works, and don’t deviate from it.

Kids don’t have that. They’re still making those decisions. Everything isn’t set in stone yet.

When I present elementary school assemblies, I have an opportunity to influence the direction these students take their lives.

Our unique EDUtainment gets them interested and curious. We’re not an authority figure. We reach them on their level. We approach them as equals.

When they walk away, their experience with us is part of what will shape their worldview going forward.

Those of us who work with kids literally have the power to shape the future.

It’s easy to forget that, especially on days when it’s hard, or when things don’t seem to be going right.

Every child is an opportunity. No matter how many things are working against them, they’re an opportunity. When we see them that way, it changes everything.

Opportunity #2 – We’re Your School’s “Purple Cow”

Seth Godin is one of today’s most influential business and entrepreneurship writers. A few years ago he wrote a book called “Purple Cow“.

The first cow you see is really interesting! There used to be a local dairy farm where I lived. As a kid I was totally amazed the first time I saw a cow.

After a while they become boring… They’re just… Cows.

What if there was a purple cow though? Now THAT would be interesting and memorable!

Kids generally see the same people every day. Parent, teachers, friends, etc… That’s actually a good thing. It teaches them to build meaningful relationships.

There are times though when it really helps to bring in an outsider. This is especially true when it comes to topics like bullying, character education, and motivation.

A “purple cow” best delivers those messages. You need someone who’s going to be memorable and stand out in your student’s minds.

We have an opportunity to be that “purple cow”. Not only are we “outsiders”, but we bring with us a funny, VISUAL, and engaging show.

It makes what we teach stick out in your student’s minds long after we disappear!

Opportunity #3 – Magic Allows us To Present
Concepts as Multi-Sensory Experiences!

We don’t just do magic tricks. That’s wasted opportunity.

The art of magic allows us to create experiences that illustrate the point we’re trying to make.

The result is a multisensory experience that engages like nothing else.

Kids HEAR the message from us. They SEE the message through our magic. Sometimes they even TOUCH the message when we bring them on stage.

It’s proven that kids learn better the more you engage their senses. Our presentations are designed to engage every sense as much as humanly possible.

Final Thoughts

This post was a lot easier to write than the last one. There’s so many opportunities when it comes to elementary school assemblies it was hard to pick just three!

Please take a look at the school assemblies we have available.

If you’d like to invite us to your school, please contact us today!

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