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Working With Kids – Why I Love It!

Smiling Kid with Black Hair

In 2008 nearly 100% of our business was with corporate clients. Our entire business was focused around that, and things were great!

Then the Great Recession hit.

When companies are laying off employees, the last thing they’re interested in is hiring entertainment.

It was at that point we reorganized our business around the family and school market.

Until that point I had never worked too much with kids.

Fortunately We Got Prepared!

Rather than jump in headfirst we brought in consultants from all over the country. They prepared us for the unique challenges and opportunities of working with kids.

Not everyone with a box of make-up is a clown. Not everyone who knows a card trick is a magician. Likewise, changing your market doesn’t make you qualified to work with children.

Working with kids is an entirely different beast. We knew it, and prepared accordingly.

For me though, I didn’t truly embrace the idea of presenting our motivational magic to children until after our first school assembly.

A young man, around eight years old, wanted to talk to me after the show. I knelt down and asked him about what he’d learned.

He started telling me about everything… Literally EVERYTHING we’d covered in the assembly. He was so excited. He was talking so fast he could barely catch his breath!

As I Looked into His Eyes Something Occurred to Me.

He respected me.
He listened to me.
He learned from me.
I had made a difference.

For the first time in my life I knew that something I did mattered. I was more than just entertainment with a “message”.

I was doing work that mattered.

I wish you could have been there. I wish you could have experienced this for yourself.

You Can’t Walk Away from Something Like That
Without Being Permanently Changed.

Today’s schools have tighter budgets than ever. They have to be wiser with their money. I’ve seen corporate groups blow more on table decorations than our schools can afford for an entire assembly.

You know what though? It’s worth it.

By working with kids, I’m making a real difference.

Image by One From RM licensed under Creative Commons.

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