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3 Reasons to Use Magic Tricks as Teaching Tools

Close-Up of Hands, Student Handing Apple to Teacher

(AKA: Matthew’s Not-So-Secret Weapon to Make Kids Pay Attention!)

Kids have teeny-tiny attention spans…

But I don’t need to tell you that do I?

Even once they’re dialed in, it’s not long before they’re distracted again. Your job is brutal. How the heck are you supposed to teach anything?

Keeping kids engaged is my total job description. I had to get good fast. Literally, it’s engage or starve.

If you’ve had the opportunity to see one of our school assemblies, you know how much of an impact they make. Magic tricks can be incredible teaching tools when used properly.

Here’s three reasons they work so well!

1.) They Grab Kids Attention!

Kids LOVE magic! If you can show them a fun magic trick, it will dial in their attention like nothing else!

Rather than spending 20 minutes yelling at the kids to pay attention, just use a quick magic trick!

This is useful at the beginning of a lesson, or at various points throughout the lesson.

It keeps the kids on the edge of their seats! If they don’t know what’s coming up next, they’ll be on the edge of their seats paying attention!

No matter what you’re teaching, magic is a great way to get kids interested and engaged with what you’re doing!

2.) It’s a VISUAL Way to Teach Stuff!

Magic tricks are powerful teaching tools because it’s so easy to implement them with your lesson plan.

A little creativity is all it takes to integrate a magic trick into your lesson plan.

Why spend 20 minutes explaining your lesson when you can demonstrate the concept visually?

The more senses you can engage, the more a kid’s likely to learn. Magic allows you to create great multi-sensory learning experiences!

Not only will the kids hear what you’re saying, the magic will teach it to them visually.

3.) It’s a Fantastic way to Review!

A lot of kids have trouble focusing on the review. The kids who “get it” often zone out or become disruptive, but the kids who “don’t get it” still need help.

What can you do?

Magic is the perfect solution. It keeps the kids who “get it” engaged. It gives the kids who are struggling another chance to understand.

This is probably one of the best opportunities to use magic tricks as teaching tools!

I’m Going to Teach You the Techniques We
Use in Our Assemblies So You Can
Use Them in the Classroom!

Not only will you become everyone’s favorite teacher, but you’ll be engaging kids in ways that they’re not used to.

You’ll be able to take the same high-energy presentation style we use in our assemblies and bring it to your classroom!

You don’t want to be left out of the loop. I care about kids and helping them learn. That’s why I do school assemblies for a living.

I want you to STEAL my trade secrets and use them to inspire your students!

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