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New Show Coming Soon!

Stage curtain with words coming soon written across it.

Hey everyone! Exciting news…

We’re going to be coming out with a new school assembly for the 2012 – 2013 school year! We’ve been working really hard on it. It’s going to be EPIC AWESOMNESS!

I can’t tell you all the details yet… I want to unveil it when the time’s right!

Wait… You want a hint? Ok… It has to do with Puppets by Axtell

They’re THE people to partner with for custom puppets. They’ve done custom work for DreamWorks, Walt Disney, McDonalds, Fox, Six Flags, LegoLand, Terry Fator, and more!

Be sure to check out some of the incredible custom puppets they’ve made for high profile clients. Their work is pretty incredible. My favorite is the Madagascar puppets they made for Dreamworks…

We had so much success with Gus the Rubber Chicken that we’ve decided to create an entirely new character! Countless kids have fallen in love with Gus. They’ve learned to identify bullying and take a stand against it through the relationship they build with him!

We’re now approaching an entirely new topic that is a perfect fit for this “relational” teaching style. We’re super-stoked about the concept and will be sharing it with you soon.

For now though, let’s just say that we’ve ordered something from Axtell. It will be born soon and will be eager to eat meet your students!

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