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Magic Tricks for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

Picture of young boy holding magic wand, dressed up as magician.

Magic is a POWERFUL teaching tool.

It gets kid’s attention, engages their minds, and makes learning FUN!

You don’t have to be a professional magician!

You can unleash the power of magic on your classroom today!

Your students will be on the edge of their seats… Excited and ready to learn!

Each short video in this series teaches an EASY magic trick with an educational application.

You’ll be EDUtaining immediately.

Webisode List:

  • Epic Prediction Trick – Have kids in your classroom call out different positive character traits! Write each one down on a piece of paper. Draw one of the pieces out of a bowl and reveal that it matches your prediction!

  • Instant Knot Rope Trick – Sometimes when we’re told “not” to do something it doesn’t make sense! That doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason to listen! Show a piece of rope, give it a shake, and a knot appears at the end!

  • Cut & Restored Balloon – Show your classroom a balloon. Now take a pair of scissors and cut a big hole in the bottom of it. Then blow up the balloon to show it magically restored! This is a fun trick that teaches kids about “Put-Up’s” and “Put-Down’s”.

  • Torn & Restored Napkin – Show a napkin, tear it up, and restore it by magic! This super easy trick is a great way to teach kids about the power of recycling!

  • Decantation Card Trick – Teach kids the scientific principal of decantation through this simple card trick! The red and black cards magically separate. This trick requires absolutely no skill and is really cool!

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