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School Shows – 3 Ways We Craft EDUtainment Awesomeness

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If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you already know about our school assembly programs

There’s a lot of people out there who offer assemblies. Many of them are incredible. A lot of them could probably use some improvement.

When I speak with schools on the phone one thing I always ask is about previous assemblies they’ve had. I get a variety of responses.

Things We’ve Been Told About Other School Shows:

“He was so dull and boring! I felt bad for the kids. I was miserable and I know they were too!”

“He really didn’t seem to know what he was doing. He made one of the kids cry by accident!”

“They were extremely unprofessional. I wouldn’t ask them to come back.”

My point is not to knock on anyone else’s work. It’s that creating a school assembly is much harder work than coming up with an idea and throwing it out there.

Here’s three ways we create EDUtainment awesomeness!

1.) We Don’t “Preach” During Our School Shows

We hear about this one a lot. Many well meaning folks believe that to get their message across they have to “preach” at the kids. It doesn’t work.

We quoted a kid in another one of our blog posts. Here’s what they had to say:

“There was an assembly last year. Everyone was crying afterward because it was so like… Powerful… But nobody got the message.”

“Preaching” doesn’t work. The kids shut down. They raise their defenses. They stop listening.

This is a terrible situation to be in. You might as well talk to a brick wall.

We make our assemblies FUN! Yes, we want the kids to learn. Our primary goal is to get them to lower their defenses. Once they’re relaxed we can sneak past their defenses to share our messages!

2.) Our School Shows are Multi-Sensory Experiences

I’m ADD. Talk to me on the phone and you’ll quickly discover that I have a tendency to jump from topic to topic quickly. It’s hard for me to stay focused for more than a few minutes.

There’s a ton of research that supports just how powerful mutli-sensory learning experiences are. The more we can engage students on multiple levels at once, the better we’ll be able to share our messages.

In our Character All Stars presentation we teach kids about positive character. Instead of just telling them about good character, we create experiences that demonstrate what good character looks like.

All of our shows combine magic, humor, story telling, and audience participation to create a unique experience for every group!

3.) We Make Your Students the
Stars of Our School Shows!

Have you ever watched kids when they’re watching a TV or a movie? They get restless pretty quickly.

Even if it’s something they like they get up and start bouncing around. Have you ever wondered why?

IT’S BECAUSE KIDS WANT TO PARTICIPATE!!! They don’t want the experience to just happen “to” them. They want to be part of creating it! The easiest way to keep kids attention? Make them the stars of the show. Plain and simple.

A great example of how we use this is at the end of our EGGstraordinary Anti-Bullying Show.

We invite four kids up to participate in a mock game show. They have an opportunity to win fabulous prizes in exchange for answering questions about bullying!

The game show is high-energy complete with zany sound effects. Afterward when we ask kids what their favorite part of the show is they often tell us it’s the game show.

Guess what? That’s also the point where we drive home the core messages of the show!

Final Thoughts…

Creating school shows that are both powerful and fun is an art. These are our top three tactics for making them awesome, but there’s plenty more!

Interested in bringing our shows to your school? Check out our awesome school shows today!

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