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What Are the Different Types of Bullying?

Girl with back against brick wall and book bag. Head down depressed. Bullying is a huge problem!

Most people don’t know what bullying is and what it isn’t!

There’s a lot of different types of bullying. This series covers all the different forms that bullying takes!

The first step to taking a stand against bullying is identifying it. Check out the articles below to get started!

Different Types of Bullying…

  • Introduction – How to define bullying, and a general introduction to the various topics that will be covered!
  • Covert Vs. Overt Bullying – There’s a world of difference between these two types of bullying. Understanding that difference can help us understand why bullying takes on so many forms!
  • Physical Violence – The is the first type of bullying everyone thinks of. It’s the easiest type to identify.
  • Rumors – Has anyone ever talked about you behind your back? You probably didn’t like it did you?
  • Exclusion – Have you ever been made to feel like an outsider? Have you ever been the one guy not invited to a party? Then you’ve experienced exclusion first hand!
  • Teasing – Teasing is a misunderstood form of bullying. Sometimes teasing is just good fun. Other times it’s extremely hurtful!
  • Name Calling – What’s the power of a name? What happens when someone else assigns a mean name to you? This article explores that idea.
  • Threats – With a threat the bully doesn’t have to take any action at all. The possibility of something happening is used to manipulate the target.
  • Cyberbullying – Cyberbullying is just like any other kind of bullying. It just happens online instead of in person! The internet can make a bully even more powerful…
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