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Study Finds Correlation Between Bullying and Suicidal Thoughts

Depressed caucasian girl. Slumped over with head in hands.

We know that bullying may lead to brain damage and even lower test scores, but this one’s new…

According to US News and World Report, a recent study suggests that bullying may raise the risk of suicidal thoughts.

From the article…

Children involved in bullying are more likely than their peers to consider suicide by the time they are 11, a new study indicates.

These thoughts of self-harm are not limited to victims of bullying, however. The study also revealed that bullies themselves are much more prone to suicidal thoughts or some other form of self-harm.

Whoa… It’s not just the targets of bullying. It’s the bullies themselves. That’s huge.

I’ve talked about my personal bullying story before. One of the things that surprised me was when I heard from some of the people that bullied me after High School.

They apologized and felt genuinely bad about what happened. I had moved on, but they still had to live with what they did.

That’s one of the things people underestimate. Bullying doesn’t just affect the targets. It affects the bullies too. It hurts everyone.

Even after taking into account other factors, such as family circumstances or preexisting emotional problems, the researchers were unable to find other reasons for the increased instance of suicidal thoughts among children involved in bullying.

The full article is well worth your time to read. Click here to read it.

It’s clear that there are very real risks associated with bullying. That’s why it’s so important to take a stand, reach out, and create cultures of caring at our schools!

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