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Anti-Bullying Tactic: Complements?

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Cyber bullying is at the heart of the bullying battleground. Social networking sites like Facebook frequently come under fire. With new lines of communication come new channels for bullying and harassment.

What’s less talked about is that these same channels can be used to make a difference and promote a culture of caring.

Enter a recent Huffington Post article about Facebook complement pages. This is a growing trend at many schools.

The idea is that you start a page where anyone can post a complement about another person anonymously. It’s an awesome idea and an incredible way to turn the cyber bullying problem on its head!

From the article:

Eliminating teenage girls’ insecurities is perhaps a Herculean feat, but through changes such as a Facebook page filled with compliments, it is possible to create a tighter-knit, united community. Merely the awareness that what you say, what you do and how you act impacts others significantly can change a lot about your behavior. Just a simple “Hey guys, let’s make the circle bigger” to include others goes such a long way.

The thing we’ve been saying here at ShizDiz since the beginning is that focusing on the problem doesn’t work. We have to focus on solutions. If all we do is talk about bullying, then the problem is just going to get bigger.

When we create an environment where people truly care about each other bullying can’t thrive. It’s like taking a blow torch to an ice cube. The problem literally starts to melt away.

Caring, it turns out, is hard work. We all like to take the path of least resistance. Unfortunately bullying thrives on apathy.

The good news is we don’t need permission to care. We can just do it! The Facebook complement wall is a great way to start changing the way we think about each other. If your school doesn’t have one, why not take a moment to create it?

Image by stevendepolo licensed under Creative Commons.

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