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Funny Things Kids Say

Young blonde haired girl sticking her tongue out.

One of the great things about working with kids is that you constantly have to stay on your toes! You literally never know what they’re going to say next…

Our shows are no exception! During and after our presentations we hear all kinds of crazy comments from kids! Here are a few of the ones that stick out…

I’m Laughing So Hard I’m Gonna Pee My Pants!

This was during one of our acts / sketches in our family show. We work hard to make sure that the show works for a wide age range. Not only does the magic have to be good, it has to be funny and engaging too!

Obviously one young guy thought we were succeeding just a little too well! Our new show success metric is how many kids have peed their pants by the end of the show.

Mom! That Guy Looks Just Like a Werewolf!

This one confused me because I don’t really have any wolf-like characteristics. Apparently thanks to my blonde spiked hair I look like one of the characters from Twilight.

Fantastic… On the bright side, at least I don’t look like the dude who glitters in the sunlight…


Apparently this kid was afraid of ending up like the first one I mentioned… Knowing that a change of pants wasn’t readily available he tried the next best thing… Going all TiVo on ShizDiz!

I resisted the urge to have the entire audience chant “GO! GO! GO! GO!” while he “took care of business”…

Did That Chicken Actually Get Hurt?

Gus the Rubber Chicken is part of our anti-bullying assembly. He does all kinds of magical stunts, but he’s also the target of bullying. We use his story as a teaching tool.

I should point out that Gus is an actual, bona-fide rubber chicken…

At one point we talk about him getting punched in the face by another kid. After the show, one little girl came up and was very concerned. She wanted to make sure that Gus was “ok” after he got attacked!

This is proof that kids listen very closely to what we say during our presentations!

My Brother Shot My Teddy Bear’s Arm Off!

We usually twist balloons for kids after our shows. One church hired us for their VBS program and had an ice cream social afterward.

We twisted a balloon Teddy Bear for a young girl. They look really cool, but you have to be careful how hard you “cuddle” them or they’ll pop!

This young lady squeezed just a bit too hard and the bear’s arm popped. Her brother happened to be standing nearby when it happened and got the blame.

She came running up with huge tears streaming down her face saying “MY BROTHER SHOT MY TEDDY BEAR’S ARM OFF!”

It was… Epic…

What about you? What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard your kids say? Email us! We’d love to hear about it!

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