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Labor Day Festival Pics

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Shot from behind of Mystical Matthew & The Great Nancini Performing at Mansfield Labor Day Festival

The Mansfield News Journal just posted a photo gallery from the downtown Labor Day festival!

There’s three great pictures of us! They’re near the end. To save you the suspense, I’ve reposted them here!



Addressing a Festival Entertainment Coordinator Concern

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hat with Money Inside

“We want to make sure your show is non-invasive…”


What does that mean?

The name of my company is “Shizzle Dizzle Magic”… We’re about as subtle as a hand grenade…

Actually a well placed small tactical nuke is less conspicuous than we are at show time…

“Ok. We certainly work hard to not make anyone feel uncomfortable! Could you elaborate a little bit on your concern?” I responded.

“Well… The last guy we hired did a great show, but he pumped the audience for money at the end. We didn’t appreciate that since we paid him to be there…”

Oh… That makes sense!


ShizDiz is a Mission, Not a Magic Show.