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Labor Day Festival Pics

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Shot from behind of Mystical Matthew & The Great Nancini Performing at Mansfield Labor Day Festival

The Mansfield News Journal just posted a photo gallery from the downtown Labor Day festival!

There’s three great pictures of us! They’re near the end. To save you the suspense, I’ve reposted them here!



Happy Labor Day 2011!

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Parade lineup of union workers

Happy Labor Day! We hope that you have a wonderful day with family friends, and all the people in your life that matter.

We’ll be spending labor day at our local festival in downtown Mansfield. You can catch our performance at 11:45AM. Be sure to hang out afterward to say hi! Heck, we might even hook you up with a balloon animal!

Thinking about Labor Day reminds me of how blessed we are to have awesome customers like you! I don’t do this nearly enough, but…


Addressing a Festival Entertainment Coordinator Concern

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hat with Money Inside

“We want to make sure your show is non-invasive…”


What does that mean?

The name of my company is “Shizzle Dizzle Magic”… We’re about as subtle as a hand grenade…

Actually a well placed small tactical nuke is less conspicuous than we are at show time…

“Ok. We certainly work hard to not make anyone feel uncomfortable! Could you elaborate a little bit on your concern?” I responded.

“Well… The last guy we hired did a great show, but he pumped the audience for money at the end. We didn’t appreciate that since we paid him to be there…”

Oh… That makes sense!



Eliminate Festival or Event Planning Headaches Without Asprin

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Image of Woman with Headache
Image by Sarah G… licensed under Creative Commons

“Wow… I love you guys!” said the sound guy…

“You gave me a detailed outline of what you bring and how you’ll need it set! The group after you just scribbled down that they’d need assorted instrument mic’s!”

Yeah… That’s because we understand the business side of show business.

ShizDiz is a Mission, Not a Magic Show.