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Ohio Corporate Event Entertainment Magic Shows

The Secret of Really FUN
Corporate Events!

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You’re on the party planning committee! Do you know what that means?

You’re going to spend months putting together an awesome party!

Then your co-workers are going to…

…show up for 10 minutes to grab some food, eat, and leave! Then they’re going to complain about how lame everything was!

You KNOW we’re right… We’ve been on our share of party committees…

That’s Where We Come In…

Our presentations are a guaranteed hit with your group! They’ll be laughing, cheering, and sitting on the edge of their seats!

How do we do that? Good question. Here’s our secret formula:

  • TONS of Audience Participation! – Your group becomes the stars of the show! Every act utilizes the audience in some way. Some people are brought up front to join us on stage. Others are invited to participate from their seats.

    It never fails… Everyone whips out their cell phone cameras! Because YOU’RE the stars of the show, everyone wants to hold on to the memories.

  • CLEAN Comedy! – This is an office party, not a comedy club. Your group is diverse. You want to have fun! You don’t want people to be offended. The last thing you need is for someone to bring blue material to the party.

    You’ll be happy to know that our act is squeaky clean. We’re experts at being hilarious and clean all at the same time!

  • No CRAZY Technical Requirements! – We require an empty space and an electrical outlet. That’s it! Other than that we’re completely self contained!

    We believe in being easy to work with. We want to make the party fun for you! We don’t want to bog you down with a bunch of crazy technical stuff

Bottom Line… We’re Your Best Choice for
Corporate Event Entertainment.

We hear back from many clients. They have pictures from our show hung on their office walls years afterward!

Our award winning comedy acts have been presented all over the midwest! Tons of companies just like yours have trusted us to make their events incredible!

Here’s the kicker. Most presentations of our quality costs THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!.

I have good news. We’re much more affordable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you receive our quote!

A Video is Worth a Billion Words.

That’s why we have one at the top of this page! If your corporate firewall is blocking it, just let us know. We’ll rush you out a demo DVD immediately!

Please note… Our availability is extremely limited! Don’t wait until the last second or your date will be booked by another client!

If you’d like us to make your corporate event one for the ages, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page RIGHT NOW!

Official signature of Mystical Matthew
Mystical Matthew
(AKA: Matthew Jones)

P.S. Seriously, please don’t wait until the last second to book. We may be magicians, but we haven’t figured out how to be two places at once!

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