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Magic shows for fairs, festivals, and other events!

Introducing Fair & Festival Entertainment Guests Rave About!

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Ok… Let’s see if I got this right…

1.) You want MORE people to attend your festival.

2.) You want them to have FUN and tell all their friends!

3.) You DON’T want another hassle in your busy schedule.

Am I on track so far? I thought so.

I’ve got good news! I’ve got a secret that will TURBOCHARGE your festival attendance!

What is it? Ok… Listen up…

You’ve GOT to Take Family Entertainment Seriously!

In college I worked at a drive-in movie theater. I made an AMAZING discovery…

When we got R rated movies we played poker in back until time to close up. But… When we got G or PG movies the place was PACKED!

We couldn’t shove food at the massive hoard of people fast enough! When we got Garfield: The Movie we actually ran out of popcorn and nachos.

Do I have your attention yet? Good. Families spend $$$. More cash means you attract better vendors, better ride companies, and create a bigger event! So…

How Do You Get More Families to Attend?

Glad you asked! We’re experts at creating entertainment that the whole family loves! Seriously… We can engage kids, parents, teens, and grandparents all at once!

Here’s why we’re the perfect fit for your fair or festival!

  • Your Attendees Become the Stars! – Every act is packed with audience participation! We bring guests of all ages front and center! People whip out their phones to send pics to their friends! (Viral marketing at its best!)

  • VISUAL for Kids. Engaging for Adults – Kids love how VISUAL and colorful the act is! Adults love the clean comedy entertainment! Every moment of the show has been carefully scripted to appeal to all ages!

  • No Stage Slots? No Problem! We’re Totally Self-contained! – Our ALL NEW street show means you don’t have to provide a thing! We show up, find an open space, and draw a crowd! We even have a battery powered sound system!

  • Hat & Non-Hat Pricing Available – We know your budget is super-tight! That’s why we now have hat and non-hat pricing available! Ask us for details on how this works!

Your fair or festival will be transformed! Families will pile in to relax, have fun, and spend money… They’ll be counting down to next year!

To bring us to your upcoming fair or festival, fill out the contact form below! Our summer dates fill in like crazy… Don’t wait until the last second to book!

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Mystical Matthew
(AKA: Matthew Jones)

P.S. Don’t wait until the last second to book. We may be magicians, but we can’t be two places at once!

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