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Family Fun Magic Show

Instantly Have an Awesome Kids Party Without Going Broke!

Picture of mom cutting birthday cake for two young boys.

I get it… You’re soooooo busy! You’ve got so much on your plate!

You’ve gotta get the kids to school, do laundry, clean the house, walk the dog, pack lunches, and take care of a BAZILLION other responsibilities!

Not to mention your OTHER full time job that… You know… Pays the bills…

Where on earth are you going to find time to plan a birthday party?

You better have GREAT entertainment. ‘Cause kids can’t sit still for more than seven seconds…

Good News! If You’ve Got an Empty Space and an Electrical Outlet, Your Entertainment’s Done!

One quick phone call to us and everything’s taken care of! In addition to magic shows we offer a bunch of other awesome services!

Literally all you have to provide is the place and the food!

Kids LOVE what we do! You’ll officially be the coolest parent on the block! Here’s why kids go nuts over our shows.

  • The Kids Become the Stars! – We use TONS of audience participation in the show! This kids are brought front and center into the spotlight!

  • Super High-Energy! – You know that rush you get when you mix Pixie Sticks with Red Bull and Chocolate Chips? That’s how high-energy our shows are…

  • Ultra-Visual! – Our presentation is full of colorful, VISUAL magic! It’s easy enough for young kids to understand, but still engaging to the teens and adults in the audience!

  • Lots of LOL’s! – Kids can’t stop laughing during our show! It’s full of family friendly comedy that everyone will enjoy!

So let’s recap… With one quick phone call you’re going to give your kid the most awesome birthday party ever! Seriously… They’re gonna be talking about it for years!

Parents like you love our services. Check out one family had to say about us:

Shizzle Dizzle was AWESOME ~ hired them for my daughters 6th birthday party. Everyone in the business were so professional and never left us wondering if they were actually going to show up.

They called a week before the show to verify everything, and showed up as promised, very fast with set up and clean up.

The families and children that showed up were still calling us that evening saying what a WONDERFUL time.

Shizzle Dizzle accommodated all ages from 2yrs to 60yrs old. Never left out anyone and the Birthday girl woke up giggling over the jokes, magic, balloon twisting and tattoo’s that were in the package deal.

– Steve and Connie Palumbo

But wait! I don’t have to be a mind reader to know what you’re thinking…

How Much is All This Gonna Cost?

That’s the really cool thing. Because when parents talk to us they’re always shocked and awed at how reasonable we are!

In fact, we’ve become known as the best deal in family entertainment!

I wish I could post pricing here publicly, but our competition hates us enough already. Besides, there’s a lot of factors that go into the quote (like how far we have to travel…)

Bottom line… Nobody else out there gives you what we do for the money!

Hurry! Our Calendar Fills Fast!
(Especially Weekends!)

Don’t wait until the last second or your date WILL be booked! I don’t want your kids to miss out on the best party ever! Fill out the form below right now!

Magically Yours,
Official signature of Mystical Matthew
Mystical Matthew
(AKA: Matthew Jones)

P.S. Don’t wait until the last second to book. We may be magicians, but we can’t be two places at once!

P.P.S. Seriously… We book months in advance. Please don’t drag your feet… There’s no way we’ll be able to accept your booking!

Picture of woman pointing to contact form.

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