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Powerful Character Education &
Anti-Bullying School Assemblies!

The fun school assembly that teaches students to be respectful, responsible, and safe!Logo for anti-bullying school assembly. Features button to learn more.

Introducing Presentations That Are So FUN
Kids Forget They’re Learning!

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Are you teaching Anti-Bullying and Character Education in your school?

Awesome! Kids need to be reminded every day to make good, ethical decisions.

Here’s the thing…

Students need to hear these messages from more than just you.

They need to hear them at home and from others outside your school!

That’s where we come in! Our high-energy, research-based assemblies will connect with students and reinforce the concepts you’re teaching every day!

Are you introducing a NEW Anti-Bullying or Character Education program? Then our presentations are a fantastic way to kick them off!

Two Critical Subjects. Two AMAZING Assemblies!

  • Character All Stars teaches your students about trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship! Each character trait is linked to a way your students can become superstars!

    This presentation uses techniques inspired by Dr. David Kolb’s research in experiential learning. Instead of just being told about good character, your students will experience what it’s like first hand!

  • The EGGstraordinary Anti-Bullying Assembly teaches kids about bullying and how to take a stand against it! Kids learn about bullying in a relational context through Gus the Rubber Chicken!

    Gus does all kinds of magical stunts that kids love! Gus is also the target of bullying. Through Gus’s story kids learn how to make sure that bullying doesn’t happen in your school!

What Makes Our Assemblies So Awesome?

Learning theory experts say emotions are the metadata to learning. When our emotions are engaged, we learn much better than just hearing a boring lecture!

We use this technique in our presentations to get kids to drop their defenses. It makes them receptive to our messages!

Both assemblies are multi-sensory learning experiences. This is another teaching technique this is proven to be very effective. We use magic, humor, storytelling, and audience participation!

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We don’t want your students to lose out! Our calendar fills fast and we can only accept invitations from so many schools.

Please don’t wait and lose out. Fill out the contact form below today!

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